The MSA program consists of 30 units of required work.

Students must also pass a written comprehensive MSA examination at the end of the program as a requirement for graduation.

Program Requirements

In addition to any necessary prerequisites, the MSA program requires a minimum of 18 units of graduate accounting work. The remaining 12 units may be accounting or approved non-accounting business courses.

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisites may be satisfied by taking comparable courses at an acceptable accredited US institution.

Course Number
Course Title
Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACCT 210* Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Cost Accounting
ACCT 500H Intermediate Financial Accounting I
Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCT 520I Introduction to Federal Taxation


*For those international candidates who appear to have met the prerequisite requirement of ACCT 200 and ACCT 210 based upon information on their transcripts from a foreign institution, a standard Proficiency Exam will be given to confirm that the candidate has mastered basic accounting concepts.  This test will be administered after admission but prior to the beginning of classes.   

If the results of this standard exam indicate that the candidate needs additional coursework before starting the MSA Program courses, the candidate will be required to take ACCT 200 and/or ACCT 210, in addition to the other prerequisite courses. 

Candidates who have successfully completed these prerequisite courses at a comparably accredited US institution will not be required to take the prerequisite courses.